the magnificant art of when a male is lucky enough to be granted the oppertunity to explore the depths of a females poop chute.
also see, front-porching
me: watcha wanna do tonight? *giggles*
dan: mhmm, i was thinking maybe back-porching it baby *grins*
me: okay! i totaly agree!! *bends over*
dan: oh, i fucking love your leaky fish tank *winks*
by Stevie;] January 8, 2008
A large, curvy womans ass , or the rear profile of a woman with a very generous rear view of her larger than normal buttocks.

Usually associated with the hour glass figure type of woman, where the ass is suprisingly large.
Did you see the back porch on her? The term "back porch" is over emphasized in a conspiratorial tone of voice, to ensure that the listener understands that one is referring to a womans body.
by 415man94102 June 3, 2006
I blew my load in Wanda’s back porch and laughed my ass off!
by PeteyPaplo July 1, 2019
Verb. To take a shot by having it poured down the back and ass crack of a man, usually after losing a bet.
My mouth is on fire after back porching fireball.
by Hot shot December 16, 2013
The act of penetrating a pen light fully into someone's ass while the light is on and facing out. Then turning out the lights in the room creating total darkness except for the back porch light.
Bengy went over to Harvey's house last night and left the Back Porch Light on all night.
by Glenegade February 16, 2011
The type of bud cops can't smell from the street, but still gives an adequete high.
Guy 1: "Hold on, man. There's a cop patrolling the street." Guy 2: "Ha, not a problem. This is 100% pure back porch weed. Only thing he'll be smelling is the wrap." Guy 1: "Ahhh, you got that back porch bud, I got you"
by Coughdropper September 27, 2015