2 definitions by Stevie;]

sex. good ole' vaginal fucking.

see also, back-porching
me: ive been sitting all day baby, can't we lay off the back-porch for one night?
dan: oh, good old front-porching. how ive missed you so.
me: good. now take of my pants.*winks*
dan: gladly *smirks*

indulge into steamy fucky.
by Stevie;] January 8, 2008
the magnificant art of when a male is lucky enough to be granted the oppertunity to explore the depths of a females poop chute.
also see, front-porching
me: watcha wanna do tonight? *giggles*
dan: mhmm, i was thinking maybe back-porching it baby *grins*
me: okay! i totaly agree!! *bends over*
dan: oh, i fucking love your leaky fish tank *winks*
by Stevie;] January 8, 2008