back stroke is game. A mans game, something that keeps a woman around.
also is a sexual inuendo.
"oh papi, i sit and, think about, all of the, things that we go trough, and i wonder why i stay, gotta be something in your backstroke"<~~~~~Teedra moses
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The act of masturbation with your hand stroking (pinky foward) so that you are working your yule log in reverse piston motion. Lube is required depending on the type of salmi squeeze that you apply!
My hand got tired of jerkin the gerkin the usual way so I reversed it and am doing the back stroke now!
by By: EL CONO & JAVELINA March 25, 2010
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When one guy puts a dildo in his ass backwards, and then bangs another guy in the ass with it. Very common in Dayton.
by greendevil17 August 16, 2011
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