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Collective name for any group of lightweight bitches who nurse the same beer all night or warehouse beer like it ain't no thing. Members of this club often resort to faking drunk to not seem like a pussy in front of real drinkers.
Derives its name from a ridiculous book series for little girls.
Timmy: "Oh man, I'm SOOOOO wasted! I must have had at least 20 beers tonight!"
Steve: "Yeah, right! I've seen you warehousing like a mofo all night!"
Timmy: "Well what I mean is I took 15 shots before I even came here."
Matt: (mocking Timmy) "RING, RING, RING! Hello...babysitters club! Timmy speaking! Oh of course I can babysit your beer tonight, Mrs. Johnson...but I can only handle one. If I get two beers in me I usually puke my pants. OK, sounds great. Toodles!"
by Nick D October 25, 2005
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Baby sitters club is when you have a group of friends who can designate another to watch over you when you party so hard you cannot be responsible for yourself. You need a babysitter to make sure you either get home, get back to your hotel, dont lose your purse or wallet, dont drive drunk, dont buy a hooker, dont lose all your money gambling, dont get kicked out of the club, dont throw up in public, dont fall asleep in the bathroom, dont spill cranberry and vodka on your white shirt, dont poop your pants, dont get busted for possession, dont make bill cosby faces, etc
Moses: Matt, how are you doing at Blackjack.
Matt: I'm winning!
Moses: Ok lets go everyone is ready to go to Drai's now.
Matt: No, im winning and im going to win more.
Moses: No, you designated me as your babysitter, and as a member of babysitters club, i am here to tell you to go, so lets go.

Matt: Ok.

Without babysitter:

Matt: No, you go without me.
(Next day)
Moses: How did you do last night?
Matt: I lost it all back and more. Why did you tell me to go with you?
Moses: I wasnt your babysitter last night...
Matt: :(
by Spngr98 April 03, 2011
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