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Stands for "Bent Edge". The opposite and not to mention total opposition of sXe. An antonym for all sXe stands for. The curved and perverse blade the metaphor suggests symbolizes 10 packs a day, the liberal usage of amphetamines and alcohol, and partaking of the most outlandish forms of sex involving animals and sometimes objects and sometimes fuckin' both. Often a fan of <i>Power Rangers DinoThunder</i>.
When the fuck did this "sXe" business come around anyways? I didn't approve this, so who did? It's like we shouldn't be going forward in time simply becuase of the constant submerging of humanity at the hands of new-age religions and ways of life. But don't ever say we should be returned back in time as that would be even worse. Time should cease, so that everyone, and bullshit like sXe and PETA, implodes and is obliterated.

Todd:"I'm bXe motherfucker and just mouthed a horse dick, thereby tearing your shit apart!"
Femsy:"Just another reason I should take a pull of a .35."
by lazirus July 10, 2004
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bXe: bXe is the opposite of sXe. In sXe you can drink and smoke pot and shit. But bXe, you can't do any of that. You don't actually smoke anything and you drink energry drinks (AMP, etc...)
bXe= opposite of sXe
by a-fizzle August 04, 2005
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