"I need a light for my b and m. I can't believe this is my last cigar from this pack."
by Chrissnores September 16, 2013
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A Error relating to the person at the keyboard of a computer having a problem that is so easy to fix and calling tech support on it.
Tech support call: ::Tech support:: Tech support, How may I help you? ::Customer:: My monitor wont turn on. How do i fix it? ::Tech support:: Sir is it plugged in? ::Customer:: Uhhh let me check... No... ::Tech support:: Its a B. C. M. error. Please plug it in and it may fix your problem. Thank you for calling Tech support and have a nice day.
by Alcareru June 17, 2009
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...like jessi h. and mariah w.
steve Look at those B A M F 'S!
john Who? Oh them? Don't worry about them--thats just Jessi and Mariah...their pretty kewl
steve sweet
by ILJHSM December 3, 2007
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Bolliger & Mabillard, roller coaster manufacturers. B&M coasters offer a very smooth ride, and the characteristic roar caused by the polyuthereane wheels on hollow track.
B&M is so called because of its founders, Walter Bolliger and Joseph Mabillard

Examples of B&M coasters include: Nemesis, Oblivion, Mantis, Raptor.
OMG that B&M was great! How do I know that was a B&M? By the characteristic roar! Did I mention I'm a rollercoaster enthusiast?
by Johnj April 24, 2006
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Also an acronym for bowel movement. Used in in assisted living or healthcare environments typically.
Did you record the time of his last BM?
by CJ August 12, 2003
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