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Girls: One who has 'lil' 'mhyz' or 'ldy' in her sn. One who wears particularly tight jeans, usually three or four sizes too small. One who wears an obscene amound of liquid eyeliner, cakes up way too much concealer on her face, and one who wears red lipliner with clear lipgloss. One who shaves off her eyebrows, only to draw them back on with thin eyeliner or to have them tattooed back on.

Boys: One who wears 'Roca wear' and 'Echo'. One who wears plain white oversized shirts, usually three or four sizes too big and black, blue, or beige Dickies. One who has the word 'mustuh' in his sn. One who frequently uses the words 'foo' or 'dick' to address someone.

Unisex: One who uses ` instead of an actual apostrophe. One who has an unusual amount of Azian Pride (Azn pryde).
Dude, that azn baby's make up is falling off her fucking face. That's disgusting!
by Anonymousssss July 17, 2006
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