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An amazingly bubbly person.She cares a lot about what the people around her want.She aims to please and is incredibly sweet.Shes really considerate; she's also a very beautiful girl.
"Have you met that Azlynn girl?", yeah she's extremely sweet!
by Doodles_forever October 07, 2013
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Beautiful and brave girl, can be hot tempered at times but unique in her own right. She knows she’s the stuff but insists on acting clueless to how lovely she really is. Confident and intelligent
I’m so jealous of that girl Azlynn, she has it all!
by Cheer coach44 March 03, 2018
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Azlynn is the best person in the world he has the most respect for girls and hes single but hes kind hes strong hes good at rugby and hes smart
Have you met azlynn? He is the man
by Bball bros January 10, 2018
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