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Azhane is one of the most sexiest, beautiful, funny,smart amazing girls you Will ever meet in your LIFE. Stick with her as long as you can. She will make you laugh when you are down. She has her quiet times but she is most likely OK. She is loyal to the ones who are loyal to her. WARNING: YOU CAN NOT FUCK OVER HER SHE ALWAYS KNOWS WHAT'S GOING ON (even if she doesn't act like it) she is confident ,cute and huggable she is seen as cool or the most friendly or popular one . she likes to have fun with everyone. She's beautiful and sexy. She has catchphrases that will make you lmfao. She is fashionable with a great sense of She is talented but doesnt ALWAYS show it. She just wants to chill with her friends. She will cut off ratchets or bad friends. She doesnt know how amazing she tell her
boy1: Yo dude did you see azhane today?
Boy2: hell yea she looked fine as hell
by bunnyboy145 February 25, 2015
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