a person who is extraordinarily, beyond belief, amazingly cool.
i want to makeout with azalee. right now.
by jason s May 3, 2005
Azalee is a very smart and somehow an outrageous girl. She's my bestfriend, she only has a couple of friends and I'm glad to be one of them. She unconsciously cheer and lighten people's mood up just with her simple funny words. She gives advice that no other could give, she's an extraordinary girl with cool talents, talents that only comes loose to people she never wants to lose. I can't deny, she totally is one in a million. :)
P1; Did u know about that girl who has supernatural powers?
P2; Ehh? wdym by supernatural?
P1; Supernatural, as in she can light up every room with her smile! I wonder what her name is?...
P2; OHH, you mean Azalee? yes! she has that undoubtingly supernatural powers.
by https://aerin June 9, 2021
Trouble makers for a classroom. can not trust in a classroom with a substitute teacher. one will get sent to the other side of the room, the others will keep doing what they are doing. never do they're work or listen to the teacher at all.
by Fr_thots October 26, 2017
She got it hit from behind when she was 14 and now she has AIDS.
Person 1: Did you hear about that one bitch that got AIDS?
Person 2: It was Azalee, right?
by mctiddies February 16, 2018