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Awur is probably the best person you will ver meet, she is incredibly sexy and smart. Awur is loved by everyone, she is often the leader of the group. Awur has a lot of patience for bullshit but once you cross the line there’s no going back and a lot of people make this mistake with Awur not knowing the consequences it will lead to. She is very popular, known by everyone. She knows everyone and everything’s being the the constant topic of conversation. Awur has an incredible ass and perfect figure but doesn’t often show it. Awur constantly leads guys, only giving them tiny bits of her love and affection. Awur is able to do anything she puts her mind to. Leaving her constantly stuck helping others. Awur has many friends and names many of them as her bestfriend but she only has three people who she would particularly call her true bestfriend. Many take her for granted, only realising what they have lost once she’s gone. So if you ever meet Awur keep her she’s one of the good ones and if you ever have the chance to be with Awur treasure every moment of it.
by Alabama2K16 May 19, 2018
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