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One of many useful hand gestures to use when stuck in an awkward situation. Made by placing one hand on top of the other and wiggling your thumbs as though they are flippers.

The dead awkward silence turtle is also fun, made with your palms facing up, and is a much more amusing silence breaker.
Mandy: "Hey how was saturday night?"

Tim: "I had sex with a transexual"
Mandy:*awkward silence turtle*

Tim:"Turns out it was your brother."
Mandy: *dead awkward silence turtle"
by Karakas August 14, 2009
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A turtle that you make with your hands by putting one on top of the other (palms down) and your thumbs are its arms. You use it when there is an awkward silence.
"You're a retard."
*awkward silence turtle*
by chocolategrape March 03, 2008
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