a combination between awesome and spectacular. It means that something is so fantastic that one of those words just doesn't describe it fully.
Bread sticks from Olive Garden are awesometacular
by flutehero March 5, 2009
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a mix between awesome and spectacular. often used by people who can't make up their minds on which work to use when describing something.
"that is awesometacular. ...... i mean spectacusome. shit"
by CeReaL_K March 24, 2005
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equivalent to the amazing sex god we call Mitchell Davis. can be used to describe anything awesome or spectacular, but must truly be deserving of the title
That video of the top 60 ghetto names was really awesometacular! it had me literally on the ground laughing my kidneys out!
by cicilovesbawlsss May 16, 2009
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something is of very high quality. Often used to describe a movie, TV show or game.
the dark night is AWESOMETACULAR