Avoca, Pennsylvania. Home of the 1/2 mile Main Street that has not been updated since it was founded 120 years ago. You can go to the Barber...right next to the hair salon..that is right next to that nice old man with large ears who never stops sweeping the sidewalk. Colarusso's Pizza is the claim to fame...NOT Vince's or Antonio's. There are also more bars and churches crammed onto one half mile of pavement than you can shake a stick at. Bart's Clothing was the staple time capsule with the window display that wasn't updated since 1972...until someone burned it down...along with the Avoca Diner. The youth believe in desolation and fishnets and they flock to the neon lights and stained pavement of the Convienet like moths.
youth1: no one gets me
youth2: that's why i wear my hair in
face and rip my fishnets.
youth3: where do you want to linger in
shadows tonight? the Avoca park
or the Convient?
youth1: how about behind those
dumpsters so we can smoke our
all: no one understands our angst.
by Gertrude II May 2, 2005
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A place where good looking men are raised and woman go to for a good time. Legend has it the Avoca boys are that good looking that girls from other regions like terrigal flock and froth on the Avoca boys.
Girl- I need to find a good looking boy.
Girl 2 - omg let's just go to Avoca
by Sicko102 April 10, 2016
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