The cutest guy in the world. He has the biggest heart. He is so handsome. He is so sweet and all around perfect.
by AHHHEHE July 17, 2014
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Amazing guy. A lot of girls like him. Also he can be an ass, man-whore, jerk, and slob but over all a nice guy. He is average height, maybe a little taller. Has a huge penis that girls love. And last is a good kisser.
Girl 1: You know that kid Austyn?
Girl 2: The man-whore with a big dick?
Girl 1: Yes, he is an ass!
by George072596 October 27, 2011
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The hottest girl in your tiny town. A female Austyn usually hates her name to the ends of this earth, and tries to get people to call her by her nickname. You can usually find a female Austyn in a small town, with big city dreams. She sucks bad at math, but is amazingly pretty and nice, and down to earth. She doesn't really date that much, she's very picky and tries to choose the nicest guy she can find... which becomes hard for her because so many guys secretly like her that she gets overwhelmed. If there was a definition for beauty, her photo would be under it. She is unusual, understanding and trustworthy. You can tell any of your secrets or problems to her and she won't spread a word.
Person 1- "Wow that girl is such an Austyn!"
Person 2- "It's too bad she's picky about her guys, otherwise I'd date her!"
by thislittlegaall December 31, 2011
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a sweet guy who loves every girl his is with and will never give up on the girl and is always the sweet guy and gets pushed around by girls
hey that guy austyn is a sweet and caring guy
by grg14178 April 30, 2016
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Sweet-talker, but a man-whore. He dates girls but isnt faithful most of the time. He's either average hieght or extremly tall. He will steal a girls heart as soon as he talks to them but he wont have any intention of making you his until much later, if ever. Be careful when you are talking or dating an Austyn for you may end up heart broken. But he's a great kisser and smells amazing and he's warm hearted often. He will listen to your problems and help you and give great advice, but he doesn't actually care or he wouldn't leave you for someone else. He's over protective, tells you what you want to hear, and he's well what every girl wants but can't have. He's a Heart Breaker.
Girl 1: Wow i cant believe him! he was such a jerk to me!
Girl2: Yeah, he was an Austyn.
by A.L.L.People November 23, 2011
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His birthday is 6-14-07.my ex boyfriend who is in love with my hoe bag ex best friend. he’s a liar and a waste of anyone’s time. he will say he loves you and then leave you for your best friend. he is a mother fucker and will never actually love you. he is a liar and will blame everything that he did on you. nothing is ever his fault. DO NOT DATE HIM!!!
Oh my gosh my ex was so and Austyn
by #IHateAustyn February 13, 2019
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