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A dramatic, funny, loud person, that tends to use INTERESTING language to express herself. Auriannes tend to be short, and so if anyone is shorter they will most definitely rub it in their face. But more than anything, she LOVES food!
Did you hear Aurianne! She insulted Shorty McShort!

Why did you steal my food! I’m an Aurianne!

Did you see Aurianne bring Oreos to gym class?
by Anonymous 0.5 March 26, 2018
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Aurianne is a person who is kind, lovely and beautiful

Everyone loves her. She has fans.
Aurianne is also known as a girl who loves pets.
OMG Look, Aurianne is coming, should I ask her to take a picture with her?

-This cat is so cute!

-Obviously he’s cute, he’s Aurianne’s
by 1b8t April 10, 2018
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