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Helen Clark, Prime Minister of NZ.

So called as she is the matriarch of the New Zealand 'Nanny State', but without the children.

Sometimes referred by her detractors as Uncle Helen due to the her masculine appearance.
"Did you hear what Aunty Helen was on about yesterday?"
by miguelsancheese September 13, 2008
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Helen Clark - New Zealand's second female prime minister. At one time Forbes magazine ranked her as the 38th most powerful woman in the world.

In New Zealand non European-descent ethnic groups refer to their elders as 'uncle' or aunty'. Helen Clark is widely supported among the various ethnic groups in New Zealand.

Her detractors often refer to her as 'uncle Helen' in an attempt to describe her appearance and/or demeanour.
Random guy 1: Kia ora aunty Helen! Howzit goin'?
Prime Minister Clark: Kia ora mate! Not too bad aye.
Random guy 2: Bugger me! It's uncle Helen.. piss of ya lesbo!
by LGD September 28, 2007
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