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An Aulona is a popular, highly spirited girl who you will often find laughing. She is a Reese addict and will do anything for her friends. Her life guidance person is a bastard lady, who is a warrior. And her mystical wife with piercing eyes.
" are you cereal? " said aulona.
by CEREAL CANCER PATIENT December 07, 2017
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She’s sexy asf, but really hard to get, she’s a girl everyone wants and if you lose her you’ll regret it, Aulona is a bff and will always keep a secret and will always be by your side, don’t lose her.

She’s seems innocent but she can fight a bitch if she needs to, she hot, cute adorable to be in fact, she’ll always be nice and will never talk bad about you, if she doesn’t like you she’ll say it in your face.
Just remember she’s literally the definition of perfect, she even smart like.. how is that fair. Anyway just don’t lose her she’ll always be there for you
Aulona is soooo perfect
by Creamy_headass November 04, 2018
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