investigated and observed the ongoing movements and flows and realising that something is going to happen
Loitering through the cyber alleys while sifting and decoding the many graffiti creations, he auguried the beginnings of the programmatic art forms - visual representations that are liberated through the shifting of binaries rather than paint
by amsee22 August 13, 2018
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A British warship that was only famous because it was attacked by the pineapple pirates; a group of deranged individuals who were after pineapples that harvested goods. Unfortunately no such pineapples existed.
"Hey look, it is the pineapple pirates, they have come to take our fruits!" -- Captain of The Augury
by Pineapple History September 23, 2009
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An outpost in the desert in the MMRPG Guild Wars. There you will most likely find a necromancer sitting in front of where you go to be ascended. He doesn't share his seat but he is rather nice.
"Want to go to Augury Rock to go Queen Farming?"

"Meet me in Augury Dist-1 to go bother that Necro"
by Lea Ramona April 6, 2006
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