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A small 30 to 40 pound creature dwelling in Northeastern America. Augienons live in trees. They are extremely dangerous to humans. The females are more aggresive than the males. The only was to kill an augienon is with a direct gun shot to the head. They can be scared away with mean, disrespectful comments or the shocker. Augienons can kill a human in the blink of an eye. They also have flaps of skin protruding from their elbows to their ribs. These flaps allow them to fly short distances up to 25 miles. They always mate in the air. Their diet consists of small animals such as cats, dogs, and rodents. If they spot a human they will immediately attack. Some experts such as b-waggs suggest that augienons are poised to take over the world.
"O damn, there's an augienon in the tree."

"Give it the shocker."

"Its a male."

"Give it the fist!"
by Robert Waggoner June 09, 2007
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An treeborn creature that adapts almost anywhere, and can pop out at anytime. Augienons can fly, but not very well or for a good amount of time. Also they can grow to be larger than a cat, however, smaller than a dog such as a doberman. They are known to burrow nests at the very top of trees, and prey upon any passersby. The creatures have little flaps under their arms, creating their ability to go airborn. Augienons can run up to around a max speed of 50 mph. To escape a dangerous situation with an Augienon, simply say hurtful things or names to hit, run, or shoot it.
"Look there's an Augienon in the tree!"

"No one even likes you!"
by Pete Dunkleman June 07, 2007
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