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Atti is a really great friend. Atti is a Lebanese kid who wears snapbacks and says "hah GAYYYYY" every five seconds. He acts like a faggot sometimes but in the end he's one of your best friends. He figures out new ways to flick someone off everyday. And shares them with his friends. He can be a freaking asshat once in awhile haha, but can't everyone? And he sucks at Spanish :)
"Hey, did you see that faggot wearing a snapback backwards?"
"Oh dang, he's such an Atti."
by sm44553 November 23, 2013
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Atti (noun), is the word used to describe feces produced that are significantly larger in diameter than the anal sphincter from which they are extruded.
"Hey Joe, check out the Atti that Mark formed ..its's massive !"
by Crack Baby Jesus July 01, 2016
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