•and that’s on periodt
•When you say something that you know is right or you have strong feelings about.

•You just want to add a lil spice to the word periodt
•“Ain’t no one gon beat me in this race and that’s on periodt(atop)”
•“Usain bolt is the fastest man in the world and that’s on periodt(atop){”
by prettycoolmostdays April 4, 2020
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At Time of Post

Used mainly on internet forums to describe something at the time of a users post (and is likely to change later).
The poll is 65% "Option B" AToP
by JBF March 19, 2007
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Friend 1 : she's pretty
Friend 2 : her shoes are really peng
Friend 1: atop
by Somebody newer June 3, 2020
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And that's on periodt ‼️💅🏾🅿️
He shouldn't have been cheating. Now he lost you for good! Atop🅿️💅🏾
by queensavgeaa April 11, 2019
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1. The concept of, while being a player or audience member of a game or performance, you spend your time and energy criticizing and making fun of that game or performance.
2. The idea of making a satire or parody of a game or performance.

This comes from Linkara's comic review web-show called "Atop the Fourth Wall", where he'll make comments and make fun of bad comics.
1. "I'll keep atop the fourth wall on this game."
2. "Man, that was a nice satire. I liked how you played atop the fourth wall on that one."
by UnholyFireDragon March 5, 2011
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