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A term coined in a fit of pique by a petulant, self-loathing gay male prostitute (bottom) and racist Youtuber by the name of fringeelements. Also an anti-statist and free market worshiper who, no matter how many times he gets brutally and publicly pwned by others more intelligent than he (as well as the random 5 year old), he continues to return for more abuse and humiliation.

The term first appeared around the time he was utterly destroyed in an online debate on Blogtv over the heritability of IQ. After being pummeled into the ground with numerous peer reviewed sources, he rage quit and proceeded to make a vlog declaring victory - to the laughter of nearly the entire internet.

Unable to give an adequate defense of his assertion that non-white ethnic groups (except for Asians) naturally have lower IQs because of genetic heritability (although he cannot name the specific genes), he began labeling his detractors as members of the "atheistkult" who he envisions as a cabal of leftist egalitarians and Social Marxists, hell bent on turning society into an overly Politically Correct hell, enforced by jack booted Orwellian thought police.
Detractor: You do realize that Arthur Jensen's research into racial differences in IQ has been discredited by nearly everyone else in the field, right?

fringeelements: No it hasn't. I could prove it by citing a laughable and disproved 1983 study by Arthur Jensen along with this random Libertarian's blog entry, but since you're a member of the atheistkult, I won't bother.
by Walter Sobchak III March 06, 2013
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The term was coined by the youtube vlogger fringeelements. It is used to describe people who follow mainstream atheist culture dogmatically. They call themselves skeptics and act this out by rejecting anything supernatural. They tend to be logical positivists, liberal, very politically correct, and obessed with criticizing christianity.
I hate atheistkult.
by ambidextrousaxis January 17, 2012
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A propaganda term coined by pro-race activists that is used as a pejorative against anyone who disagrees with their positions on the existence of race.

activism politics race
"The Pope did a speech in support of multi-culturalism. He's so atheistkult!"
by Le Lapan Blanc March 06, 2013
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