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When an obese (really, really fat) person begins to breath heavily due to minor physical activity (like walking across a room, climbing out of a car, playing video games, holding a pencil, eating, or ect.) then blames it on thier asthma acting up. Asthmesity may also be followed by redness of the face, sweating, and a complete denial of being gross, fat, and out of shape.
After walking the 6 ft. from the buffet table back to his seat Mark began to breath heavily, sweat, and become light headed. Mark then said, "I need my inhaler. I am having and asthma attack," to his friends who were already seated.

His friend Jason then said, "Yeah right that fat ass doesn't have asthma! The only thing he is suffering from is asthmesity."
by shifty pipeworks February 26, 2010
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