A small star-shaped symbol used to denote an explanation of the word/phrase that precedes it.

* <~~~~~~That's an asterisk.
Owen: This is our most embarrassing defeat since the UFTA Upset of '79*.

*Owen is just making up the UFTA Upset of '79.
by Diggity Monkeez March 03, 2005
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slang for the posterior of the human body, specifically the anus.

Synonym: ass

IM/Chat shorthand: *

Origin: the Strict Tits Internet Gang
(1) Don't make me jump through this computer and slash your asterisk.

(2) OMG u ppl are such *holes
by Biscuit Shitclank February 14, 2005
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Houston Astros* the MLB World Champions in 2017 that cheated by using electronic pitch sign stealing
by Cousin Karl February 23, 2020
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