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The rather unpleasant effect that happens when some particularly spicy food burns on the way out, as well as the way in.
That Kung Pao last night gave me some horrible assfire.
by sparkletwist August 27, 2006
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A severe pain in the anal region caused by prolonged periods of bicycle riding on an uncomfortable seat.
After cycling 60 miles his ass fire was so bad he said to the fireman, "I got a fire up inside my ass if you can put it out."
by thomasg1 April 28, 2009
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Another name commonly used for the seat heater in a luxury car. It is very highly coveted and often requires a Shotty.
by Steven4646 December 04, 2010
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A rare but frightening incident that occurs when the friction of rough anal sex causes dingleberries to ignite and catch the recievers ass on fire. Has only happened when a little too much alcohol was involved and the giver had a little too much lead in his pencil.
I used to date this one hot girl, but then she got drunk at a party with Chuck Norris and a horrible ass fire resulted.
by Jim E. Junk May 16, 2006
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1.Really bad Diarrhoea, so much so, that it feels like fire is coming out of your anus.

2.Worse than normal diarrhoea.
I had such bad Ass-fires earlier that now, I can't sit down.
by Erika Munoz February 28, 2008
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when u sleep with moizes mom and/or eat her cunt you get this within 24 hrs.
Damn that bitch I caught assfire from her skanky ass.
by Anonymous September 04, 2003
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