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1. When yu rip the biggest, messiest shit ever and it burns your asshole so much it starts to smell like bacon.

Spence: Man what smells? Its like a mixture of bacon and fucking SHIT!
Jason: haha, yo i just assbombed the fuck out of yur toilet!
Spence: Did yu make it out alive?
Jason: Almost, but man i dont think yur cat did.
by Ahakmid Hassan June 27, 2006
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A word used for reacting to sudden suprising situations. When you left your keys in your car...assbomb to your face. When you figure out that you can't believe it's not butter you have been hit with an assbomb to the facial area. If you think assbomb isn't a real word, assbomb to YOUR face.
Person 1: Hey do you realize you don't have any legs?
Person 2: Yea I've known for a while, I was born without them
Person 1: Oh shit, I just took a major assbomb, i gotta go take a hike with my functional legs
Person 2: fuck my life

Dying Man: Help I just got shot call the hospital
Person: Wait, you can CALL the hospital now?
Dying Man: ...wh...what?
Person: Advancements in technology assbombed the fuck out of me

Person: Hey I forgot to study for the test, if i fail im not graduating, can I take it tomorrow?
Teacher: There's no test today
Person: Oh woah, assbomb to my face!
Teacher: Ha there IS a test today, I take your assbomb and hit you with TWO assbombs bastard
by Anonymous123456789987654321111 September 15, 2010
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A classification of fart that is so bad that it may very well be a weapon of mass destruction (WMD). Types of Ass Bombs include but are not limited to:

Nuclear Fart- Extremely loud and can fill a room in seconds. If you hear one hide under your desk in the fetal position to minimize bodily harm.

Silent But Deadly (SBD)- As the name suggest, this comes with a silencer. The range is randomized but either way your are screwed. Great for a farting gift.

The Biochem- The best part about this one is it stays in one area at a certain altitude.

The ASSassin- Get it? Ass? Anyway at the expense of only being affective at pointblank, this can clean metal.
Dude 1: Dude I thought we made a truse!!

Dude 2: What are you talking about?

Dude 1: Stop shooting your ass bombs at me!!!!
by TheTypoPoopcicle May 30, 2009
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The latest, greatest craze among Jihadist suicide bombers. Developed by Al Queda, it involves packing your rectal cavity with a pound of plastic explosive + detonator.
That middle eastern guy is walking very slow and looks uncomfortable. He might be packing an ass bomb.
by JohnnyBunch October 02, 2009
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tampon alcohol asshole drinking games

The act of inserting a tampon soaked in liquor in one's asshole. Ass bombs usually burn or sting upon insertion, and they result in rapid intoxication.
I did a couple of ass bombs and was totally plastered last night.
by Luke Starkiller November 11, 2007
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The word Ass-Bomb comes from a long fraternity tradition. When your friend passes out, you pull your pants down, and sit your bare ass on his face.
"Hughes just laid a muddy Ass Bomb on John".
by David Zyck January 26, 2005
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a girl with a NICE ass
Guy 1: britney spears is teh assbomb!
Guy 2: dude, that was like 7 years ago
Guy 1: i'm lonely, aren't i?
by Phil December 08, 2005
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