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Acutally not a sexual term. This is like "getting screwed" in the social sense.
Man, I got ass plowed by that pop quiz today because I left my quantum physics book at home.
by monster rod von hugenstein September 25, 2003
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A shit for brains idiot who has no commmon sense and a tendency toward gayness.When an assplow pursues a relationship with a female he beccomes a pussy whipped douchecock who has tendencies of a fucktard. These types usually tend to keep to themselves and are very very submissive.
Dude, tell your girl to blow off and quit being an assplow.
Why are you being such an assplow.
Look at that assplow doesnt he know he sucks at life.
Dude that guy is an assplow hes staring at that six year old boy.
by rayhater July 19, 2005
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