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cream used during anal intercourse. used as an ass lubricant.
Guy 1: when I was fucking my girlfriend, she asked me to use ass cream so my massive cock could go in and out more smoothly.

Guy 2: Nice.
by Master bait November 10, 2007
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A clear like cream you can buy at any pharmacy or your local Walmart This is used when your ass is drier than a desert due to cold temperatures. It helps relive itching or make you feel better after you toke a massive shit that ripped your asshole.

In order to use this cream please follow the directions below:

1. Open the lid (assuming you have all ready have the cream in hand)
2. Use your index and middle to scoop up the cream
3. Spread dem ass cheeks (to do this use the palms of both hands and pull apart till you cant no more)
4. Using your index and middle gracefully rub the cream on your asshole and the parts around it. Be generous when putting on the cream it would be embarrassing if you had to go again in the middle of that date because you feel itchy down there.
5. Close the lid and apply more when needed also wash your hands when your done, you nasty fuck.
"hey jessie you got any of that ass cream you carry around?"
"yeah i have it with me right now here"
"thanks its drier than a desert ever since we got here im gonna go butter up my pooper now"
"ok you go do that ill wait right here"
by homelesstoad June 28, 2014
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/noun/ slang term for the medicated ointment used in treating hemorrhoids; called so because it is applied to the anal orifice
Where did I put my ass cream? My hemorrhoids are killing me!
by Silky Smooth November 14, 2003
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When someone cums inside of an asshole and it seeps out, resembling cream.
My girlfriend had some mad ass cream after the third anal of the week.
by ILLCREAMONYOU July 19, 2015
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A white pastey discharge from the anus that occurs during intense sexual possitions. The discharge is caused by a fault in the kidney know as "kidneyitus". The cream is/can be injested by the owners friend/partner/relative as a substance that increases fertility. The cream is similar to that which is placed on deserts which, minus the taste, is fucking disgusting.
"I was having bondage with my sister last night."
"Doesn't she have kidneyitus?"
"Did she..?"
"Yes. Ass creamed all over my face."
"Dad...thats fucking disgusting."
by Lindley July 31, 2006
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When a man inserts his penis into a partner's butthole and adds the "chocolate shell", comes back out and adds the recieving partner's favorite icecream sauce to the man's penis. Then, the recieving partner sucks and licks everything off of the penis. This goes on repeatedly. Every new addition of "chocolate shell" is called "getting a scoop".
Guy1: "So what happened to that chick you picked up?"

Guy2: "I took her to my place to get some asscream."

Guy1: "Her breath must smell like chocolate shit."
by LOL~WUT June 05, 2011
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