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suprisingly similiar to a british tea party. these partys usually consist of a wide variety of people normally from in or around your neihborhood. All getting together for a couple of hours. party consist of massive amounts of alchol(beer, wine, and mixed drinks). Every body is getting freak nasty in the corner, by the pool, maybe even on your couch, god forbid on your bed. but this has been known to occur. The sexual act of choice is the ass up, cock out approach in which the guy procedes to fuck the female from behind. when everyone is good and ready or your party is being broken up by the cops because you ended up fucking your neighbors wife. caught in mid stride by the jeolous husband. you and your neighbors go each your own way. until the next ass up cock tail party.
holy shit last nights ass up cock tail party was fucked up. i didnt know that bitch was my neighbors wife. but i got to give it to her she can ride a dick like nobodys buisness.
by joe appenfeldt April 11, 2008
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