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when someone has uncontrollable explosions out of their ass!
Nick: Dustin, you've farted like 1,000 times today!

Dustin: I can't help it I suffer from ass tourette's!

Dude, Jeremy has been farting all day. I think he may suffer from ass tourette's.

Did you hear that Nick went to the doctor today and was diagnosed with ass tourette's!
by Poopy stink butt January 26, 2010
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an anal disorder characterized by recurrent spontaneous bowel movements, or T.I.C.S. (Tremendous Involuntary Crap Spurts), accompanied by the violent expulsion of gas, leg and neck twitching, grunts, barks, or words, especially obscenities.
"Did Sarah win the Rock'em Sock'em Robots Competition against Phil?"
"No, she got a bad case of ass tourettes in the middle of the match and had to forfeit."
"Bummer, dude."
"10-4 on that, pal."
by boom.right? December 30, 2011
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Someone that doesn't actually have tourettes syndrome, but can't help but say ass after every word,or in addition to words, modifying them, but sounding like a complete tool as a result. Nobody really says it out loud, but every hates these guys.
Tom: "Dude, fuck me in my ass! holy ass! did you see that fly-ass motherfucker doing that buttery-ass boardslide? I about shat my pants that was so bad ass. Sphincter!"

Doug: "Dude, you dumb-ass. You have ass tourettes."
by ass muncher 9000 July 21, 2010
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