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Butt cheeks that are visible from the front through the gap between the thighs.
Person 1: "Look at dem ass fangs. My fetish..."
Person 2:"Huh? Ass what?"
Person 1: "Hmph. I bet you don't even know what vagina bones are!"
Person 2: "???"
by MeThinksItGoesLikeThis May 15, 2014
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A gambling game which requires 2 people. Player 1 is the victim and player #2 is the venemous snake and rescuer. Instructions are as follows:

The victim lays on his/her back and places both of their feet on the bed next to their head (if done properly they should look like a folded lawnchair). This action will expose their anal cavity nicely. At this point individual #2 (the snake) lubes up their pointer finger and middle finger (on either hand) and curls them up into what looks like fangs. The snake then “strikes” his/her “fangs” into the victim’s anal cavity. The victim proceeds to try and shake off the “fangs” as quickly as they can (Remaining in the same exact position). If the victim manages to shake the “fangs” off, individual #2 (now the rescuer) must proceed to suck on the anal cavity of the victim to “suck out the poison.”

This game has three rounds in which each participant takes turns in each role. The game begins with a coin toss to determine who will start in which role. If the victim manages to shake the fangs loose within 2 minutes of penetration they win the round. If the snake manages to keep their fangs in the victim for the full 2 minutes they win the round. Best 2 out of 3.
Hey, random stranger. How about a game of ass fangs. $218.34 to the winner?
by Joyful Wargasm October 22, 2017
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n. An individual with poor social skills; a loser. Typically found in Central Connecticut.
I've gotta do something about Wendell. That ass fang won't stop calling me.
by ljgonz August 02, 2007
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