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a talented singer that loves to type and write. she is beautiful and pretty and could cure a dogs broken heart. she has many boyfriends and is an excellent sports person.
hi what are u doing tommorow-ryan

going to ashya house-dylan

yeah u heard she is my new gf-dylan

by michealangelo12234567890 March 05, 2013
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Ashya. The most beautiful girl you’d meet in your life time. Has such a unique name yet always complains about it. Her eyes are always gleaming in the sun and moon light. She’s stubborn, smart, gorgeous, wonderful, and more than genuine. No one can ever push her around. she’s got the an insane amount of dedication in everything she does and nothing can change that for her. She’s emotional but hides it because she doesn’t like people know her problems yet she always keeps such a great smile on her face no matter her mood. She has attitude and sass but in her own way and she owns it. Has the biggest heart and would give it all to make someone else’s day better.
Hi Ashya.. I’m not really feeling it today -Billy

Aww, what’s wrong is there anything I can do to make it better? -Ashya

I just would really like someone to talk to... - Billy

You can always talk to me! I’m here for you dude! - Ashya
by BryceButrum May 26, 2018
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