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A young pretty girl usually cocoa colored. She will always be happy. Is in band and has many friends.
Man, that girl is such an ashaya
by Zman2273 March 01, 2017
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Ah-sh-aye-a a gorgeous girl who loves everything! Badass and a hard worker! Loves to act and sing and dance. Has the cutest boys (or girls) to date. Anybody who lays a finger on her is considered lucky and has a dream come true! Super confident and is smarter than anyone! Has a cute perfect body with medium length hazel hair and most likey dyed and eyes that sparkle even without a light around. Big kissable lushes lips. And the perfect one to cuddle with. Very wise and is always thankful. Its like a never ending sunset has come to meet you, a princess walking down the streets of LA. Imagine your perfect girl... thats Ashaya!
Ashaya is my dream girl and has has never been more gorgeous.
by Belle1234567891011 November 12, 2017
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