"man, have you seen ascanio around lately?"
"actually i think so, i could tell from his beast monster-size cock i saw from far away."
"mmmmmmmmhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh.."
by basbanbio March 21, 2018
Ascanio is a guy you have to let in starting from the 8th of January.
"Hey lascia entrare Ascanio, dall'8 di gennaio, perciò limarla è tosta, esce ma non mi rosica."
"Hey let Ascanio enter, from the 8th of January, For that it's hard to smooth it out, It goes out but it does not makes me jealous"
by mihneaz January 11, 2020
Eccentric italian meme tradition born from a strange YouTube video of misheard lyrics. On the 8th of January, according to the misheard lyrics of the (popular iranian) song, you are supposed to let the guy named Ascanio in. No expalantions, that is what the song says. Since the spread of the video meme, the 8th of January in now known in Italy as Ascanio's day.
It's Ascanio's Day today! Let the damn boi in!
by Red Velvet Spring January 8, 2021
people with this name have a big penis (20-30)cm at least
by Andrea53793839(/?: February 14, 2018