A small redneck town, where people set things on fire. And everyone knows eachother
Woah run! the cars on fire!
We love arundel fires!
by Immad548965436y583 September 29, 2008
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Man, am I caught in a arundel.
by gonfishin81 April 4, 2011
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A county in Maryland.

Many Caitlin's were born here, for some reason. A strange place, where hospitals and townhouses collide with one another.
Aw man, I broke my leg!
Go to Anne Arundel.
I need a place to live!
Go to Anne Arundel.
by Viciously January 7, 2009
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Best school in Anne arundel county
Best student section ever
1-Were you at arundel highschool as football game

2-Yeah it was wild in the student section
by Purrperuod October 13, 2021
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literal sex on legs, his dubs make my heart flutter and i want him to hit me in the same way his sub basses hit 😛
Me: omg new arundel?!?!?!?
Also Me: *jizzes everywhere*
by BER - T November 22, 2021
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An individual who publicly appears sensible and uptight - while hiding a very loveable, bitchy, unprofessional, fun-loving, judgemental and slightly psychotic personality beneath the surface
"They recommended her for ANOTHER award? Typical Arundel!"

"Honestly if people knew what she was really like..."
by Thoroughly Suicidal November 2, 2020
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