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The look is clean and very 'done' but the attitude and feelings are somewhat anarchistic. Usually outspoken, open-minded, and easy to get along with. Often talkative, with good sense of humor, although some are also quite shy when outside of their comfort zone (being creative). Good knowledge of music, art, movies, books, and creative stuff from both mainstream and non-mainstream media, they aspire to (or already have) careers in the arts/entertainment industry. Reads widely, often creates over multiple artistic mediums, and in some cases is very tech-literate. Some 60's influences in terms of fashion and iconography. Often natural hair color. Girls sometimes sport pale lip tints, dark eyeshadow a la' Edie Sedgewick, while guys are often into hats and caps. Vision-challenged art-nerds often lean towards retro or nerd style glasses, many owning more than two pairs of specs. Fashion influences come from Librarian, Nerdcore, Geek, Punk, 60's and Edwardian.
"Excuse me, I bought these art-nerd glasses from the op-shop, how much would it cost to replace the lenses in these with my own prescription?"

"Hey, after we finish recording this track, wanna customize some of my old t-shirts with Copic markers?"
"Definitely. Neat. That's very 'art-nerd' of you :)"

"I love creating across multiple mediums, I'm a major art-nerd. Currently I'm reading War & Peace, modding my mobile, and making a patchwork case for my iPod."

Synonyms: creative (as in "Mac is the number one computer for creatives" (plural), arty-type, nerdy art-kid

antonyms: narrow-minded, haughty, unaccepting
by Pamie June 22, 2007
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