a place where hicks drive their tractors up and down the streets and hate each other. there are some cool people, but mainly not. the high school is full of dirt bags except grade 11's.

kidding, its a cute little town that consists of a timmie hoes and farms.
arnprior is a lovely little town full of hicks that wear plaid.
by suckmylargeone February 19, 2011
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Arnprior is a quaint little town full of Red Necks who in their spare time like to drink beer and listen to country music. Everyone is a ninja and have magical unicorns. In the valley our main sport is cow racing, and hockey.

We are very nice people and way coolier then those frew' kids !
Everyone in Arnprior wears cowboy hats and plaid shirts.
by Lobsta15 April 17, 2011
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A group on Facebook where a bunch of people from a small town love to bitch and complain about pointless first world problems
“Man have you checked out What’s up Arnprior lately, it’s bumping with posts about traffic, the beach and a bunch of other useless garbage and people complaining. The comment sections are always even funnier to sit and read”
by Hakune August 16, 2020
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