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When a girl touches a guy's dick with her arm.

Referenced in Kenny Vs. Spenny
Spenny: She touched my dick, doesn't that count as a handjob?
Cameraman: Nice armjob
by Danny Blaine March 08, 2012
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When a woman uses her forearm to make a man ejaculate on her arm generally between her wrist and up to her elbow by sliding, rubbing and massaging up and down and varying between a circular motion on his penis with the length of her forearm until he orgasms on it. A variation of an armjob is where she get both of her forearms together parallel to each other by keeping her hands clasped together, with his penis sandwiched in between both forearms, sliding them together parallel to each other at the same time with his penis in between them from her wrists to elbows back and forth until he ejaculates onto both of her forearms. The sensation of both her forearms sliding up and down simultaneously against each side of his shaft is exquisite! The most comfortable way for her to do this is for the guy to lay on his back while she sits on his knees straddling them while leaning forwards to his crotch area with both her arms. Both of these armjob methods are a more exciting sensation than just a handjob!
Ohh babe, I love it when you jerk me off with an armjob!
by Iliketallwomen June 05, 2017
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