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An Armendariz is is a particularly foul person that hides in the shadows to cause harm or maleficence and is afraid to confront the victim.

a) To troll men on Cragislist and finish the date.
b) To harm small animals out of spite
c) To kill animals with poison
d) To send ex girlfriends nude photos to her children.
e) To damage property out of spite.
1) I think Paul pulled an armendariz and keyed my car last night. 2) I got so horny last night that I had stoop to armendariz. 3) OMG someone arminderized my dog last night. He almost died. 4) He still has pics from us in bed. I am afraid he will armendariz them.
by blainedamaged February 15, 2018
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One of a homosexual origin also known as gay or faget, commonly mistaken for arm and hammer.
That man is flamboyantly armendariz.
by andrew raley October 09, 2007
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