When somebody (usually/hopefully a girl) wears a bunch of different bracelets on the same arm, sometimes using many bright colors or different materials/metals is called an arm party. The more the merrier!
that girl with the huge arm party thinks she's ke$ha, her bracelets weigh more than she does!
by Sgiac801 October 5, 2011
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having disproportionately large (yet lacking definition)arms as a result of excessive partying. Especially prominent in women more than two years removed from college.
Last night Corey banged that girl in the tank top; You know the one with party arms. Oh that's too bad.
by Rocky McDuffey February 1, 2009
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A cross between a nipple and an arm.
The midgit, he's dancing, and what's that, he has a party-arm
by Eric Lim November 4, 2005
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Well-defined biceps that nicely fill out the sleeve of a t-shirt or short sleeve shirt. These arms can be seen anytime of the year but are prominent in summer and warmer climates.

Note: This type of arm is often displayed while wearing a tank top or completely shirtless.
OMG, the sight of his party arms make my asshole moist!
by Numbercruncher July 21, 2012
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Much like restless leg syndrome, party arm syndrome (PAS) causes the uncontrollable urge to shake and move your arms. Resulting in the appearance that you are having an awesome time at a party.
"Wow, Stan is an great dancer!"

"Actually, he just suffers from party arm syndrome."

"That's sad."
"And awesome."
by alcdance March 8, 2012
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