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the most beautiful, caring and friendly girl in the world. she has some issues regarding self esteem, which she really needs to work through! she doesnt need a man to tell her who she should be because she is so strong minded already. we all love ariaunas
she is so pretty, she kind of looks like ariauna
by anon12346543 November 09, 2013
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The most beautiful girl in the world, even though she scares the shit out of me because I’m an insecure egg, I still love her more than anything. She’s the only girl that’s ever treated me like I’m her world, and she’s the only girl that I want. Ariauna I love you
1- that ariauna over there looks like a bad bitch
2-I wish my girlfriend was as good as ariauna
by ForYouMyLove August 26, 2019
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