Arhianna is one of the sweetest girls on earth. Arhianna is so nice she can be mean sometimes but that’s only when you irritate her. Arhianna is A great person to marry! She shows much love ❤️ . If you meet anyone named Arhianna you should thank them for coming into your life😘🙏🙏
by Arhianna August 30, 2019
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A girl willing to become your friend, but one wrong move and she'll allow you home and tr to kill you in your sleep.

most times only nice to friends, MOST TIMES. can be found n the trash . If you date them they'll kill anything for you , and they'll most likely drag you down to hell with them.
OMG !!! Arhianna just tried to stab me again.
by read the word January 30, 2020
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