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high quality catholic school located in warminster, PA. Has an academic and sports record that overshadows local schools tennent and hatboro horcham high schools. Has an exceptional football team which in the past season owned all teams except Thomas Jefferson in the state championship. Although not as prestigious as other catholic schools in the area such as la salle and st. joes prep the majority of students would rather go to wood for its other qualities( not being gay).
guy 1: hey do you go to archbishop wood?
guy 2: yah, i love wood.
guy 1: haha you said you love wood.
guy 2: haha you go to la salle so actually you do, faggot.
by thundapie1 January 10, 2009
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Archbishop wood is a catholic highschool in warminster, PA known for their football team/girls basketball, but absolutely nothing else other then being faggots. In any other sport wood gets beat badly by LaSalle and St. Joes prep. It seems like everyone around warminster is scumbags. It's for the poor bitches that can't afford an actual private school. Unless you play football or girls basketball you shouldn't go to wood unless you want your reputation ruined. fucking punks.
LaSalle1 : "have you ever seen Archbishop wood kids play sports?"
SJP1: "yeah they're all look like functioning retards"

Lasalle1: "thats true, there is no reason for them to try they get smoked in everything but football"
SJP1: "we could play our freshmen and smoke their varsity teams, faggots"
Lasalle1: "they think they smoke weed to, they hardly drink brew maybe once every two years, gotta keep it clean."

SJP1: "it must suck to be poor, cause then you can only claim to party, but actually do nothin"
by LasalleExplorers December 06, 2011
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