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aqeeb is a strong, loyal and extremely intelligent guy. he is someone that cannot be replaced by another. aqeeb is someone that puts aside his own feelings in order to protect others. one of the best things about aqeeb is that he is so, so considerate. he is truly a unique individual with a brilliant sense of humour. his style, his good looks and his great personality attracts many girls, however, he is completely and utterly dedicated to one girl in particular (a really lucky one). you don't come across an aqeeb in your everyday life, and if you ever do, then you'd be very lucky, because once he's part of your life, he never fails to make it a hundred times brighter. you need an aqeeb. he is the definition of perfection, even though he can't see it himself.
"do you think i could ever be an aqeeb."
"hah, no"

"i need an aqeeb in my life"
"you're right about that."
by cowlovescamel December 05, 2018
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