is a girl that is bad as hell, period. apsara is incredibly pretty and sexy ass hell. apsara is a leader and her presence demands attention.

though on the outside apsara may seem bitchy and mean, once you get to know her, she is the sweetest and most amazing person on the planet. earning apsara’s trust may take a while, but once you have it, don’t misplace it. apsara isn’t one to play games, if you misplace her trust, she won’t hesitate to throw hands, after all she is the baddest bitch ever.

apsara is a sucker for cuddles and loves music. once you break down her wall, she’s a big baby who loves attention. apsara has the best sense of fashion and loves shoes.

hands down the best person on this planet.
damn man, i wish i had an apsara in my life.
by juju_26 January 20, 2021
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In Sanskrit, the term means "celestial dancers." Apsaras can be found in Hindu mythology. They also appear on the walls of the world's largest religious structure, Angkor Wat (located in Cambodia).
On Angkor Wat, all the beautiful apsaras were shown bare-breasted and they were generously endowed.
by DaCatsMeow June 15, 2007
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1. In Hindu mythology, a race of all-female nymphs with mother-like qualities.

2. A series of three mobile armors from the Gundam series 08th MS Team. Designed by the insane (and hot) Zeon engineer Ghinius Sakhalin, their purpose was to destroy Jaboru, the feddie's main base.
1. Apsarases are pretty^^

2. You don't want to be on the business end of the Apsaras III's Mega-particle Cannon.
by Android raptor July 23, 2005
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This this the local Bombay word denoting a very sexy woman ..
Kaise si hai re meri Apsara Talkies
by jaispeaks April 8, 2004
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