Means something, dunno what though, and to be fair who cares? I don't.
I would be apathetic but I can't be arsedd
by CYO Viola Player August 30, 2006
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Combination of Pathetic and Aesthetic; or in between Aesthetic and Pathetic at the same time.
Julia: Wow did you see Ryan today?

Hayley: Yes he’s so apathetic!
by c.harmved August 31, 2018
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Someone who is Canadian and only cares about the small things in life. They do not concern themselves with controversial news and political issues make then uncomfortable.
Apathetic: A typical discussion in Canada

Bob:. Did you hear about the beating that gang laid down on that woman last night, killed her. They should get 2 years for murder, eh....

Darrell: yeah man, too bad. Did you hear the Winnipeg Jets made the playoffs, it's going to be 85f today and there's no mosquitoes!

Bob:. Wow, sounds like a great day! Eh!

Darrell:. Did you hear Joyce down the street, only had to wait 14 months for her colon cancer treatment!

Bob:. Oh wow, that's pretty good don't you know.
by Defmannam June 05, 2018
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