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Aoibhe is an Irish name also associated with the name aoibheann
Aoibhe is the best friend you could ask for , but very rare if you meet an aoibhe in your life cherish her while you can

She is sporty,kind and rich .
She is my best friend👯
"Aoibhe MacSweeney get over here now"
"Yes ma'am"
by Rach.kav August 28, 2016
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"Ava" is how her name should be said and gets annoyed if you say her name wrong, apart from that, Aoibhe is an amazing girl. Blonde hair, deep ocean blue eyes her personally is strong and she will always complement you. Very honest but gets involved in drama/beef. Talented and amazing as she is, she's not always happy on the inside because of her past situations. If you know an Aoibhe, never lose her, always keep her by your side because the worst thing you could do is lose her.
"Your so amazing Aoibhe"

"I'm not amazing, your more amazing than me"
by Skylar Jones Symith May 14, 2018
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Aoibhe is an Irish name pronounced “ Ava “ also similar Aoibheann or Aoife. Aoibhe is a girl you don’t want to mess with she has blonde hair and blue eyes. She gets involved in a lot of drama that she shouldn’t be in. She has a strong personality and she likes to dance and sing but people call her names and she get’s upset.

Aoibhe is a rare person you will meet. So make sure to tell her she’s special even if she’s not.
“ Aoibhe you’re so weird and crazy. “

“ That’s why your my best friend. “ - Her best friends
by Your boyfriend likes me July 19, 2018
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