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Aoibh is a beautiful girl with lots of freckles. Shy but cute. Loves sports which involve lots of movement. Best friend you could ask for. Very rare to meet one so cherish her if you do.
Aoibh is so pretty! It's a shame she's so shy..

Are you messing?! Once you get to know her she's like a hyper bunny on crack!
by Uvbnkmchdjskevefmjfmd December 29, 2016
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Such an iodiot, one of the most retarded girls you know . She is great at sex and 90% of aoibhs are lesbian if your aoibh is lesbian she will always find the best girlfriend . They all have exordinary pussys and hair free . A lot of drug dealers are called aoibh. If your friends with a aoibh be lucky you will get free porn and pussy
(person)Hey aoibh ,
Are you free tonight

(Aoibh) Why do you want free pussy
by Rucksack nosy March 13, 2019
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