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Aoibhín’s are usually dark haired and blue eyes,she can be a very competitive,sporty,girl. Aoibhín is going to be a great friend and an amazing girlfriend. If you know any girls called aoibhin be friends with them and don’t hang around men some are still out there waiting for you.
Wow did you see that sexy girl over there? She’s so hot!

Yeah she’s so sexy! I heard her name is Aoibhín.
by Sexy Aoibhín April 02, 2018
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Usually dark-haired with icey blue eyes, loves others complimenting her and takes compliments in her stride. Likes to keep boys thinking and on their toes and tends to give nothing away. Gets along with most but can hold a grudge. Good looking and loves different colours of tights.
by Alikethaa June 02, 2009
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Dark haired. Green/ hazel eyes. Gets along with people but can hold a grudge just as easy. Very pretty but can be very insecure most of the time. Mixes well witg boys and doesn't tell a secret so very trust worthy. Kind, lovely and graseful but can act like a tomboy but still loves to dress up
Oh my god you are doing an Aoibhín on it
by Ameaney75 June 10, 2018
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i heard dara rode aiobhin on a pool table in dcu....
by petay pan September 18, 2003
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